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The Coming Revolution of Heaven

I have never, in my 10 years with Jesus, felt so much turmoil in the atmosphere both locally and nationally.

I have been holding on to this for a couple weeks and want to share what I am seeing regarding the Revolution of Heaven I have been speaking of for years.

This is about a 4 minute read so stick around…Here goes:

1. I do believe there are warnings from the Lord being released. I have heard several from leaders I trust and have felt the same the last 3 weeks. I am the opposite of doom and gloom, probably fail to heed warnings more than I should because I assume it’s the enemy trying to scare me, but this one is too strong to ignore. But, I have no fear on feeling this warning, it’s why I know it is the Lord.

I have a sobering warning coupled with extreme excitement to see His Kingdom come in a radical way over the next several months. It doesn’t take discernment to see that the election season is going to be a mess on a level my generation has never experienced. But, this warning isn’t about politics, though I think it’s a factor. I believe God is bringing a massive harvest and revolution of His Kingdom and it will be revealing of the wheat and the chaff.

My hope and prayer is the chaff, especially within cultural Christianity, want to be awakened.

Regarding this next season, one particular piece of practical advice from a leader I respect, suggested for at least New Yorkers to prepare 3 months of food. Rice, beans, flour, canned meat, canned fruit and vegetables, toiletries, water.

Again, I don’t consider this scary, as in the Book of Acts the church was told to prepare for famine so they could survive while also be a blessing to others as a means of ministry. I don’t consider preparation warnings as out of bounds from the Lord.

2. This revolution will be the pure Finished Work Gospel. It will offend those who have little interest for social justice (racism, sexism, and child trafficking/abortion), and many who have prayed for revival will be left out, because the Kingdom is coming in ALLLL it’s diversity, and to be valuable to the front lines of this harvest, one must speak the language of real unity found only in Kingdom, not of self defense or denial of the reality of oppression. One of these areas of justice is not more important than the other, and one cannot be used to dismiss or deflect from the other.

The compassion of the King is radical and far reaching, and is a compassion we have full access to know deeply and commune with to be moved into the realm of miracles like Jesus often was.

3. This revolution WILL NOT be carried by those with political entanglement. There will be a false sense of unity and manufactured revival and connection around Jesus+worship+politics, but I have to tell you, this isn’t The Way. I would steer clear of anything co-mingling God and politics for the sake of guarding your own heart in purity.

The Father will not be equalized down to a party or government system or a politician. Many will be loud evangelists and champions for nationalism, patriotism, Republicans, Democrats, democracy, socialism, Marxism, anti-Marxism, and even knowingly or unknowingly promote fascism and totalitarianism/autocracy.

The problem is, none of these things represent the Kingdom and champion the unity found in being a Citizen of Heaven. Do not be distracted by this worldly discussion and the endless empty arguments. Politics will not save us. I would know. It was my god before I got saved. I spent years knocking on doors, making phone-calls, going to campaign rallies, I watched c-span for pleasure every day after school lol. It can easily become an idol that feels holy. So stay locked into the King and His Kingdom. Period. The rest is swirling in the second Heaven and is not of Him.

Purity of words, of thought, of motive, of body will be a hallmark of the leaders in this season, as they will have the capacity to steward Him in ways that would otherwise be corrupted.

4. Those who consider themselves Christians, but are not ACTUALLY followers of Christ, who call Him Lord with their lips and not their life, and who haven’t DIED already (Romans 6), will struggle to sustain in the next season. I don’t know if real, harmful persecution is upon us in America, I have a feeling that it is possible, but many will deny him privately simply by hiding in fear and powerlessness.

I have never felt more burdened for the church to awaken to His power, His work, His life in us. This message of Jesus’s finished work, being dead to sin and alive to God, the baptism of His Spirit and fire…this is what this Revolution will be made of. You can’t save a world through law making, controlling people with political decisions, or force someone to believe in the goodness of God if all they see from the church is vile, hateful speech about those they consider their “enemies”.

This revolution will be one of FULL delighted submission to Christ. It will be defined by those who live revived because they died in their own revolution, where the rule of darkness was truly overthrown in their lives by the King and His Kingdom of Light.

5. I believe much of this revolution will be online and in the streets. Pockets of house churches will arise caught up in hours of intercession. We are going to be like the book at Acts. I believe this means that every believer needs to spend time learning from an evangelist or apostle.

Those in the office of evangelist are anointed to equip the saints to evangelize. A true mark of an evangelist is they don’t just evangelize often with great success, they EQUIP others to do the same. Every single believer is called to evangelize the world. Not just the pastor with an altar call….but you and me on the subway, to our grocery store clerk, to our neighbor we have never bothered to introduce ourselves to.

The fact is, many don’t evangelize because they don’t actually know or value the pearl of great price they have. They cower under fear of rejection rather than see the urgency of death all around them. And some sow and some reap. You won’t see all say yes, but those seeds will grow and you’ll one day see that reward in Heaven for sowing…that reward will be that person, in bliss for eternity, thanking you for your fearlessness. 🔥

This revolution of His Kingdom is coming, and the best way to prepare is to step deeply into His love for you. There you will find your identity, authority, inheritance, and giftings needed for what is to come. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.🔥



The Coming Revolution of Heaven

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